Reliability of vergence facility measured subjectly. There are agreements with a new vision analyser?

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J.C. Ondategui-Parra1, R. Borras1, E. Peris2, S. Gómez-López1, J. Pujol1

Davalor Research Center (DRC) - Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC), Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.

2 University Vision Center (CUV) - Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.


To determine, in a pilot study, the agreement between the results of the near vergencefacility (VF) obtained objectively (OVF) implemented in a prototype of a new fullyautonomous and automated vision analyser (Eye and Vision Analyser, EVA, DAVALOR,Spain), that records eye movements while the patient watches a true-3D short videogame, with the SVF method commonly used in clinics and to determine the subjectiveintra-subjects and inter-examiner repeatability of vergence facility (SVF).


54 young healthy subjects with no previous history of strabismus or amblyopia wereenrolled in this study. Monocular visual acuity at far and near distances equal or betterthan 0.0 logMAR were required. VF was measured in cycles per minute (cpm). To studythe intra-observer repeatability, the measurements were performed with flip prism of3ΔBI/12ΔBO in 2 sessions (separated 5-10 days and done by the same examiner). Forthe inter-examiner repeatability, in the same session 2 examiners performed the sametests in a random order. For OVF measurement, in a subsample of 16 subjects, we used3 different combinations of prism magnitude: 3ΔBI/12ΔBO (C1), 8ΔBI/8ΔBO (C2) and6ΔBI/6ΔBO (C3). Measurements were done during 20 seconds in each combination foreach measuremets and repetead three times.


The mean age of the sample of 54 subjects was 21.5±1.5 years (range: 19 to 24). Themean difference for inter-examiner repeatability was 2.06 cpm (p<0,001) and thePearson Coefficient (PC) was 0.89 (p<0,001) and for the intra-observer reliability was1.06 cpm (p=0.741) and the PC was 0.74 (p<0,001).
The mean age of the sample of 16 subjects was 22.1±2.7 years (range: 19 to 25). Themean OVF values were 9.5±11.3 cpm for C1, 14.1±9.3 cpm for C2 and 20.8±8.2 cpm forC3 and for SVF values was 18.3±1.9 cpm. The best agreement was between SVF andOVF (C3) with a difference of 2.5±7.2 cpm (p=0.19) and PC of 0.58 (p=0.02). In ANOVAtest there were not statistically significant differences (p=0.136) between all fourmethods.


The EVA prototype is a useful device to objectively measure VF. The OVF measuredwith EVA (6ΔBI/6ΔBO criteria) have a good agreement with the SVF (3ΔBI/12ΔBOcriteria). For SVF the inter-examiner results show that the agreement is better than theintra-observer results. Further studies can improve the best prism combination tooptimize the clinical pass/fail cut-off with EVA.

Reliability of vergence facility measured subjectly. There are agreements with a new vision analyser? (PDF)


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